Dentures, either removable or fixed, are a tooth replacement option for patients missing one or more teeth. There are two types of dentures: partial dentures that replace one or multiple missing teeth, and full dentures that replace an entire row of missing teeth.

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Partial Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, a partial denture is a replacement option that is both comfortable and natural looking. A partial denture consists of one or more synthetic replacement teeth attached to a denture plate.

The denture plate is designed to fit the inside of your mouth comfortably while providing enough support to the artificial teeth to keep them in place. The replacement teeth are shaded to blend in with your natural teeth.

Full Dentures

If you’ve lost an entire row of teeth, or if you only have a few remaining teeth in a row, you may want to consider a full denture to restore your smile. A full denture is an entire row of artificial teeth mounted to a denture plate.

Full dentures are designed to stay comfortably in place while you chew or speak. Options to secure your dentures include denture adhesives and implant mounted dentures.

Implant Mounted Dentures

Implant mounted dentures, or overdentures, are removable dentures that are secured to dental implants placed in your jawbone. These dentures are very secure and won’t shift while you eat or talk.

If you need dentures, or are considering dentures as an option to replace missing teeth, contact our office today.